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Michigan Progressive Pack Clubs

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This is an area where clubs can make announcements.
Club Secretaries and Presidents can call me to post.
231-832-5489  Andy Eichelberger

North Regional
Open Class
1st morehead's libby richard morehead
2ndrussell's one eyed kate russell kennels
3rd jared's spong bob scott legue
4th madko'slulu heath maddox
5th ka yai run angle wallace blackmer/dana legue
6th russell's big n rich guy russell
7th haviland's gus
8th russell quick kill russells kennel
9th white rock rising star kenneth hessling
10th legue'sdailey hawk cork legue

1s madko'ssnapout of it heath maddox
2ndsally of loony dean lodge mike marshall
3rd legue's tanner gary king
4th beebe's wind storm bill raymond
5th brownridge little scooter leo simmons
6th legue's scampe kings kennell
7thrussell's legacy todd squires
8th t's big woods reckless willow terry maniez
9th inabnitt's supper fly jason inabnitt
10th bailey's full tank rip richard morehead

1st russells patch work polly russell kennels
2nd creamcity point bonnie jason marshall/mike marshall
3rd singen zing wallace blackmer
4t brownridge little sully leo simmons
5th powell's trailawaw toots jason inabnitt/zack webb
6th aube's chloe rick aube
7th russell's e z check russell's kennell

State Hunt Winners
Open Class    Jared's Sponge Bob....  Scott Legue
Champions   Wilmots Flash....   Ray Wilmot
Grands   Aube's Chloe....   Rick Aube


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