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Michigan Progressive Pack Clubs

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2008 Run Off Winners
J. Gerdes, W. Blackmer, T. Squires

Welcome to Michigan Progressive Pack!
For information on the RUN-OFF see the "announcement" page for details.
This year we have gotten together once again and formed a Hound of the Year race for 2009.
To be able to compete.  You must first join an ARHA Progressive Pack Club in Michigan.  The day you join, your hounds points will then be tallied for the rest of the year.  The  top 5 hounds in each class will compete in a run-off the following spring.  The run-off winner will receive a nice jacket with their choice of lettering on the back!
Awards will also be given for High Point Hounds, Reproducer, Top Judge, etc. at our banquet.
This is going to be a great year, good luck and hit those trials!!

Southern Michigan Beagle Club
Frontier, Mi.
Guy and Deb Russell
517-398-3142 or
Todd Squires

Eastern Michigan Beagle Club
Kingston, Mi.
Leo Simmons
Wallace Blackmer

Thumb Area Beagle Club
Mayville, Mi.
Bill Raymond Jr.
Rob Fetting

Looking Glass Beagle Club
Evart, Mi.
Andy Eichelberger
Nolan Beadle

Central Michigan Beagle Club
Middleville, Mi.
Rory Vanderby
Leon Buford

Super Cute !!
Future PP competitors

Stay on track with Progressive Pack!