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Lone Pine Beagles

HOF GRCh Andy's Cassidy Rambo

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HOF GRCh Andy's Cassidy Rambo

ARHA PP Hall of Fame 2007
ARHA PP Grand Champion
ARHA LP Champion (3 wins toward Grand)
Michigan State Champion 2000 (champ class PP)
Michigan State Champion 2002 (grand champ PP)
Michigan State Champion 2004 (grand champ PP)
Michigan State Champion 2006 (grand champ pp)
Illinois State Reserve Champion 2004 (grands PP)
Pennsylvania East Regional 3rd 2004

Rambo is 14 7/8 " tall and has a steady chop mouth.  In his younger years he could run fast if pushed, but prefered to run at a pace he could control.  
I've owned Rambo since he was 5 months old and he has never run deer, squirrel, fox, or coyote!  He has barked a pheasant when he couldn't find a bunny.
What I like most about Rambo is his personality, search, and ability to hold the line.  He has a tremendous nose and in the trials he can get his nose in trouble.  I could sit here all day and tell you how "great" he is, but I wont.  All dogs have faults.
I plan on line breeding and inbreeding his pups in the future to "set" the traits that I desire.  There have been a few litters out of solid rabbit running females that have been exceptional.  These litters will be the backbone of  this "family" of hounds.
All of my dogs are descendants of Rambo.  Some more than once!
(Rambo is now 15 yrs old and would have to be bred artificially)
Here are a few males from this line that I highly recommend for breeding.
T's Bigwood's Buster........Terry Maniez.....Mi. (proven)
Beadle's Duke........Nolan Beadle.....Mi.
Kai-yai Run Lex........Dennis Lorenz.....Mi.
Lone Pine Colt........Nathan Tillier.....Mi.
Lone Pine Sparty........Tom Shaffer....W.Va.
Lone Pine Blaze.....Matt Szymanski.....Ny.
Lone Pine Ottis.....Rory Vanderby.....Mi.
Lone Pine Clyde.....Ron Hoag.....Mi.
Casavoy's Hank.....Don Casavoy.....Mi.
All Weather Sam.....Andy Eichelberger.....Mi.
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Lone Pine Beagles