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Lone Pine Beagles

My Brittany

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Lone Pine Maggie Malone

Yes, I am training a pointing dog!
This should be fun.
I'm looking forward to shooting some grouse and woodcock this fall.
My Brittany's name is Maggie.  Maggie has a ton of desire and is eager to please me.  She was really easy to train and minds excellent in the field.  She hunts within gun range and has found alot of birds.  I just have to shoot better!
Maggie is line bred "FC Renegades Kansas Kid"

                                    FC The County Lawyer
                                      FC Ajax VII
                                                      Kentucky White Diamond
                       Windancer's Texas Tornado
                                                      FC RC's Sundancer
                         Tall Pines Little Libby
                                                      FC Lynsey's Maggie Malone
Lone Pine Maggie Malone
                                                      FC Gamblers Ace in the Hole
                                     Windancer's Jacks or Better
                                                      FC Lynsey's Maggie Malone
                        Rini Tin tin tin
                                                      FC Renegade's Kansas Kid
                                      Lone Scout's Amazin
                                                      Renegade's Windancer Southern Belle


Brittany pups?................maybe someday.