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Lone Pine Beagles

How it Started

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Fast Food !!!!
My father Ken, with a snowshoe hare


This all started when I acquired Rambo and Dixie from Harry Cassidy of Manton, Michigan.  Rambo had the nose, hunt, and line control that I wanted while Dixie had a ton of heart, drive, and jump ability.  By crossing these two I got Lone Pine Princess.

I bred Princess to RCh Legue's Southern Buck (dbl. Homer bred) and got RCh Lone Pine Mississippi "Missy".

Missy was then linebred to a Rambo male named RCh Beadle's Duke.  Basically i tried to stack the best genes i had before i outcrossed again. 

A pup from this litter (RCh Beadle's Daisy) was outcrossed to a line bred Appalachian Scout male named RCh Beadle's Luke.  This cross was made twice and gave me RCh Lone Pine Jazz and Lone Pine Penny.  Jazzy and Penny produced really well and I ended up keeping a female from Penny named Lone Pine Lola. 

 Lola is the total package!  She hunts hard, has a good nose, great gears, and can lock on a bunny solo.  She's 12" of intense rabbit dog!!  In 2012 she was bred to Red Oak's Super Duty.  I kept the only 2 pups, both females.  These pups represent the 7th consecutive generation here.

If these two turn out.  I'm thinking of breeding one back into the Rambo line, and the other back to another Shooter male?

Time will tell.







RCh Beadle's Fat Duke
2nd generation.....Nolan Beadle owner

RCh Legue's Scamper
3rd generation.....Danny King owner